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With over 35 years of glassblowing experience we handcraft a multitude of artistic products.

Read on to learn about more of our products. All work is designed, handcrafted, and distributed in the United States.

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"Thirty-three years ago, I applied for a job at a scientific co. in N.J. where special glass tubes were made for electronic equipment. One day the company received a special order from France, and I was asked if it could be done. With the proper tools and just a few minutes I was able to make the order.  Because of this, the company rapidly grew in the specialty glass fabrication business and I quickly learned how to create almost anything with glass."

  • #1 Standard

  • #2 Standard Pastel

  • #3 Hearts

  • #4 Straight Lines

  • #6 Butterfly

  • #7 Zigzag

  • #8 Circus

  • #9 Len Special

  • #11 Flowers

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High Quality Glass

"Glass is measured by hardness. There are about one dozen types of glass that can be manipulated.  Most household glass is made of relatively soft lead or lime glass.  I use a very hard glass called Pyrex.  It is second only to quartz in hardness. Because of this strength, each balloon is actually stronger than it appears, although light enough to hang in a window or on a tree."


Customer Reactions

Everyone enjoys the balloons, Some customers have been to a balloon festival, while others have taken flight in a balloon. Many have gotten engaged in a hot air balloon, or had a balloon land in thier own back yard.  Others just love to chase the balloons in flight.  Our balloons add color to any room and present themselves as a unique conversation piece. We have custom created dozens of cake tops for many occasions, including weddings, with a Hot Air Balloon theme.  These are personalized pieces that will continue to enhance memories and stories about hot air balloons.

Creating Our Glass Pieces

"The process is quite extensive. First tubing glass is heated, manipulated and thickened.  Then, using a set of four burners and a lathe, the glass is spun and blown into a ball. A glass rod at top of the balloon is twisted and the bottom is tapered. Then the balloon is placed in a annealing oven, where the temp. is slowly reduced to temper (or strengthen) the glass. Once the balloon is cool, my wife Linda individually hand paints each balloon using special proprietary paints. Then the balloons are placed in a kiln and heated to harden and bake the paint onto the glass. A modified basket is attached to the bottom and the skirt of the balloon is signed to complete the piece."